Keranique Thickening & Texturizing Mousse

$ 19.95
Keranique Thickening & Texturizing Mousse

Discover the Keranique difference!

Keranique's Thickening & Texturizing Mousse helps provide body and bounce while styling. Hair is smoother to the touch, easier to brush and springs back with slight resistance to create body, fullness and volume.

Keranique's® Thickening & Texturizing Mousse is scientifically blended to maintain body without adding stiffness and is a great detangler that helps restore the hair's optimum moisture balance for less breakage when brushing.

Key Benefits

  • Conditions your hair for a smooth soft feel and a shiny gloss effect.
  • Detangles your hair for less breakage when brushing.
  • Maintains body and volume for fuller hair without adding stiffness.
  • Helps protect from curling irons.

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