Beautyblender Pretty Posse Kit

$ 45.00
Beautyblender Pretty Posse Kit

This posse of pretty gives the ultimate beauty junkie the royal treatment! This kit offers beautyblender® original for foundations, bb creams, powders, mineral makeup, cream blush and more; beautyblender for concealing, contouring and highlighting products; mini rea.activate™ rehydrates and “re-swells” beautyblender and rea.activates your makeup when on the road; mini blendercleanser® solid® to clean beautyblender and bling.ring, a fancy throne to show off and dry beautyblender.

How to Use:



  • beautyblender original – wet.squeeze.bounce.
  • beautyblender – wet.squeeze.bounce.
  • mini blendercleanser solid - Wet mini blendercleanser solid and swirl beautyblender or brushes into the soap, creating a lather.
  • mini rea.activate™ - Shake dual-phase rea.activate well. Spray beautyblender® 4-6 times from 5 inches away, or until it is properly hydrated and refreshed. Bounce along the skin to even out creasing or “melting” complexion products.


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